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Claims Assistance

Destiny Roofing has been working with insurance companies for years and we understand what they need in order to process a claim efficiently and properly.

Here are a few tips for you to follow when working with your insurance company:

  • Call Your Insurance Agent: Report the damage to your agent and request an inspection and evaluation of the loss.

  • Secure Your Property: Most insurance agencies will cover temporary repairs to protect your home from further loss or damage. Before any work is done, we suggest taking photographs of the damage and loss.

  • Select Your Contractor: To protect your best interest, you should always choose a contractor that is local and that carries general liability and workers’ compensation insurance for that area. There are so many contractors that claim to be local when in actuality, they are not. Many come into town after large storms, rent an office space for a couple months, and claim to be local. So always ask to see verification of their insurance policies; if they are new policies, ask to see documentation of the previous years. Also, to ensure your peace of mind, you should choose a contractor that is familiar with the insurance claim process and can help walk you through the process and paperwork.

  • Adjustor Meeting: To ensure that your contractor and the insurance company are in agreement with the scope of the damage, and to make sure that your needs are met at a price that both agree upon, the two should meet at your property to evaluate the damage.

  • Call Your Mortgage Company: Be proactive! You should call to advise them of your claim and inquire about their procedures for draft endorsements and the contractor’s affidavits, lien releases, etc.

  • Send Insurance Check to Mortgage Company: The insurance check typically requires two endorsements, the insured and the mortgage company. Do not endorse it first, send it to the mortgage company and request their endorsement and rapid return of the check. This can help speed up the process.

  • Review and Schedule Project: After you and your contractor have agreed on the scope of the project and the terms of the claim, you should schedule the work to begin immediately.